Udgam is a non-profit organization founded by Marina as a platform to nurture and promote emerging artists in the field of Indian classical music. Its aim is to run workshops and stage four concerts every year, showcasing fledgeling talent as well as more established performers within the genre. The idea for the project emerged in its embryonic form many years ago during the early stages of Marinas performing career. As a young musician, she endured all the tribulations which are commonly shared by up-and-comers in any artistic pursuit; the difficulty in establishing a name, finding a performance space and gaining recognition for one's work. It was during this phase of her career that she asked herself how she could one day help ease the burden on other young artists pursuing the same journey.


The result is Ugdam. Founded in New York in 2008 with the help of Marinas students, in particular, Snehal and Vaishali, Ugdam has spent the subsequent years following through on its mission to promote Indian Classical music and afford talented young artists a platform to present their gifts to a wider audience. These young artists are usually showcased together with more well-known practitioners, in theatres as well as in the traditional baithak style, which brings the artist and the enthusiast together within an intimate setting. And in keeping with its ethos of supporting the artist, the organization also charges a nominal membership fee, which it divides up among the talent.


Since its inception, Ugdam has added chapters in Washington DC and Dhaka, with another one planned in Mumbai next year. The year 2012 also heralded the inaugural Ugdam Music Festival in Dhaka. Marinas ambitions for the project include the establishment of chapters in Chicago and Los Angeles, and the creation of an all-night concert to be held on an annual basis. Moreover, Ugdam aims to continue its efforts in promoting and celebrating Indian classical music in all its branches, in all its various stylistic forms, and in acting as a medium between the performers of the music and those who love it.


8th Annual Udgam Utsav

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33 Parkway East, Yonkers, NY

Udgam Utsav is arranged by students of Hindustani classical music , for anyone who wants to pick up this sacred form of music or have been a student of Hindustani Classical Music.

The 3 day long workshop is conducted in a group setting and is accessible for students at most levels of their musical journey.

We strive to truly pass on the essence of the ragas and the fundamentals of classical music.

Your teachers will be Marina Ahmad herself along with Prithiwiraj and Pritam Bhattacharjee.

Send us an email at udgammusicinfo@gmail.com to learn more!